We are often led to wonder about the meaning of our journey, its different stages, the discovery of other and new horizons that triggered each click of the camera, tranforming the ephemerality of a vision into a permanent relic, capturing a split second in space and time in an attempt to appropriate eternity.

In less than a second this trigger fixes what will be the primary vision for this shot, this moment of capturing space in a real time and place of the vast, elusive world.

Before a beautiful image is processed and developed, how many paths are traveled across the vast world from north to south, east to west, and through vale and mountain!

We often talk of the immediacy of photographic creation , of the photographer exploding a theme in a fraction of second. But isn't the trigger the culmination of a very long journey or itinerary ? The photographer is always on the look-out but often manages to seize his moment only at the end of a long route.

To photograph the world is to make contact again with the human element, light and matter.  It is to try to transmit a unity in movement and its dramatic art:  they are the mirror of both my character and my life.  


As a professional reporter-photographer, Etienne Pierart has visited more than 100 countries and his inspiration originates mostly from his extensive travels and expeditions. He has worked for 10 years with several international organisations in numerous countries.  He lives in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France.


"What is essential in life, is to be able to remove the mask of one's own culture". Janne Teller, Danish Novelist.